Wagner freiraum - more than Incubation

It´s a Co-Working Space for interdisciplinary teams, perfect retreat to work on complex projects, creative lab and much more. Therefore the freiraum is used by chosen Start-ups but also by employees in order to work on very diverse topics.

The physical separation of the J. Wagner GmbH and the freiraum facilitates an working environment far away of the familiar surroundings, structures and daily business. As a result we´ve created a space where the people can focus mainly on the current project or task without any interferences.

Alexander Strobl (Head of Digital Transformation) is sharing his experiences with the freiraum:

Why do you need the freiraum – don´t you have meeting rooms?

My team and I are using the freiraum regularly for our activities concerning the project S3 Smart Spray Solutions. We´re using the freiraum during different phases of the project. Mostly once per week, half-day or full day. Usually we´re on our own however sometimes we include other Wagner employees or service providers to support us.

The familiar surroundings, the desk, colleagues etc. are hidden for a certain period of time. During these „ freiraum days“ I´m most of the time not available via Skype and I check Outlook once or twice a day. All service providers which are necessary for the projects are aware of our „freiraum days“, so that they´re prepared for ad-hoc meetings which we spread over the day. The outcome during these days is always more fruitful compared to regular working days.