Corporate Business Shakers

Corporate Business Shakers is a network of decision-makers and designers of current challenges in corporate transformation. The aim is an intensive, completely undiluted exchange of experience across hierarchies, functions and industries for reflection and inspiration.

The network came together for the first time in 2017 in the course of a two-day event on the subject of Corporate Incubation. Due to the positive feedback, the subject areas Corporate & Startups, Corporate Think Tanks, Digitalisation and Leadership will be added in 2018 and organised as separate tracks. With the Business Shakers Mountain Camp and the Business Shakers Berlin Beletage, we are also planning focussed spin-off events this year.

The Corporate Business Shaker occupies a special position in the landscape of innovation events and conferences. We are experienced professionals, some with an intensive background in research, and have developed and continually improved Corporate Business Shakers as a MVP against the backdrop of current practical issues. Corporate Business Shakers dispenses with event agencies and is a non-profit event. Participation and contributions on request.

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