WAGNER freiraum currently supports the following selected start-ups in the incubation phase:

40 % of consumers get sunburnt even though they have applied sun cream. The reason for this is that neither the hand nor an aerosol spray can evenly apply cream all over the body. The IONIQ is a spray technology whereby sprayed droplets of sun cream are attracted by the skin and deposited in places where the hand cannot reach or only with difficulty. The product launch is planned for 2019. Further information is available here.

Discovery Projects

In addition, teams work in the free space on the following discovery projects:

  • Intelligent road markings for autonomous vehicles.
  • Intelligent surface coating for the control of smart home products.
  • Drone technology for thus far inaccessible areas of application of spraying technology.

Visiting Start-ups

In addition, we regularly allow interested start-ups to move into our freiraum to mutually stimulate our businesses. These visiting start-ups can be our guests for up to several weeks.

The core idea of FARADAÍ is to make foodstuffs a special sensual experience. The result is a spirit made of para cress blossoms, bergamot, bourbon vanilla, jasmine blossoms and Ceylon tea.


The FRANETTI OFFICIAL fashion label, founded in 2014, stands for young and fashionable accessories for women and men. The varied selection of hand-made bangles enhances any wrist and enables subtle fashion statements to be made.