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Automation and craftsmanship are like day and night. We claim the opposite. We don’t believe that craft and automation contradict, but that they complement each other. That modern enterprises keep alive and open new lucrative business fields. Lack of skilled workers on the one hand and shorter construction times on the other. In the construction industry there will be many innovative product solutions in the coming years to counter this trend. For certain objects and projects, modern technical solutions are good alternatives versus the well-known scaffolding.  


The use of drones is already in use in numerous areas. Whether in the fire brigade or in agriculture. Drones equipped with an applicator will also take over paint application tasks in the future, that’s for sure.


IONIQ is the first succesfully incubated project of the WAGNER Group.

IONIQ One is the first smart full body application to cover your whole body with sunscreen, body serum, self-tanning or any other skin care product whithout the need to rub-it-in anymore.


The skin is the largest organ of the human body and an important factor in our physical well-being. Beauty and health are reflected in our skin. That is why we care for and protect our skin from the strains of everyday life. Nevertheless, many people suffer several sunburns per year – sometimes clearly visible, sometimes not, but always with serious consequences for the health. According to, every fifth person in the world develops a form of skin cancer at some point in their life. Decades of research have shown that the reason is not inferior sunscreen, but the way we apply sunscreen. The hand as an applicator is limited in range, precision and convenience. As long as we have to use the hand as an applicator, this problem remains.  


IONIQ Skincare consists of a smart spraying device and cosmetic products such as sunscreen, body serum and self-tanning. IONIQ’s technology works through an attraction between skin and liquid. The magnetic like skin technology developed by IONIQ transforms skin care products into droplets that spread evenly onto the body. While using IONIQ One the liquid gets automatically attracted to the skin using field lines between the device and the skin. The created attraction is so strong that droplets can be sprayed evenly onto the skin, even in strong winds. Thus, through the generated attraction skin care products can be applied onto the whole body without the need to rub it in, in the right amount, evenly and faster than conventional products, even in unreachable areas such as the back.

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Smart Spray Solutions


Digitisation has reached the contractor and craft sector and brings with it many changes and challenges, but also great opportunities. The coming decade is already being predicted by numerous trade and market experts as the decade of digitisation in the contractor sector. What is already common practice in many areas will not stop at the classic craft trades. Many trades already understand digitisation as a way of optimising work processes, improving quality and making job descriptions more interesting. Digitisation can also help to counter the declining number of junior employees with an attractive and contemporary job description.  


With the initiative S3 = SmartSpraySolutions J. Wagner GmbH meets this challenge. Intelligent machines which

  • facilitate the application and use
  • detect irregularities in time and guarantee the quality of the result
  • support the workflow from order acceptance to invoicing

are the solution for most of the existing challenges.