Thomas Jeltsch speaking at a conference


Successful innovations require a multitude of expertises, perspectives and likewise attitudes. As an active member in the innovation community, freiraum provides access to a multitude of companies, organizations and groups. And to amazing minds.

Our activities in the fields of disruptive innovation, corporate incubation, digital transformation and leadership include:

Speaking ar the 'Gipfeltreffen der Weltmarktführer'


We share our journey and opinions on big stages such as CES Asia, Cosmoprof, Slush or FuturePortPrague. We also love to engage with students from bachelor to executive programmes around the world.
Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshops

Hosting workshops is our daily routine. Quite regularly we join innovation workshops of other companies, both fortune 500 and SMEs, to challenge them and inspire us.
Philipp Gross speaking in a conference


Bringing people together for cross-company inspiration and learning is dear to us. Belonging to a world market leading corporation ourselves, we believe we have a pretty good idea of what valuable conferences must deliver. Therefore, we actively support regional and international innovation and digitalisation conferences such as DigitalX or Bitzilla in various roles.

If you want to engage with us, please contact us any time!
We are always open for new ideas, and opportunities to get together to learn and build something great!